Damn That Story Arc by Lori Weber

QWF Writes

I’ve been thinking a lot about story, about the patterns that stories take. When I begin to write a book, I rarely know where it’s going. But go it does, on and on, through a trajectory that is both consciously and unconsciously created. It mainly follows the Western story arc – conflict, rising action, climax, denouement. Even though that seems formulaic, when I write that arc stretches above me, like a preordained path that I, willy-nilly, must follow. At the end of that path lies resolution. Editors (and readers) expect it.

In the young adult (YA) genre, it is expected even more. At the end of Shine, by Lauren Myracle, the culprit responsible for the near fatal beating of Patrick Truman (who is gay) falls off a cliff and dies; at the end of Feed, by M.T. Anderson, Titus visits Violet and tells her stories while she withers…

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