Verse Novel Reading 2012


2013 is mere hours away. 2013 is the year my first verse novel, AUDACIOUS will be published. When I stared 2012 I had an inkling that this book would sell (my agent had hinted at it) so it’s not that this aspect of the year is a surprise. What is a surprise is how verse novels have kind of taken over my life, and become such a big part of my writing, blogging, reading and thinking. I read 31 verse novels in 2013, as laid out below. Some of them I adored. Some of them I didn’t even finish. One or two really bugged me. I’m not naming names. They were all worthwhile reads. I’ve learned so much about verse novels this year that I can’t even believe I wrote one.

It’s a lot harder than it looks. All the below authors and anyone else who attempts a verse novel…

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