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Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults 2006 (YALSA) “Best Books for Kids & Teens” – Canadian Children’s Book Centre 2005 Klepto was the first book I published, so of course it means a great deal to me. I’ll never forget the day the editor from James Lorimer called to say that they wanted to publish Klepto. … Continue reading Klepto


“Best Books for Kids & Teens” – Canadian Children’s Book Centre 2006 Split started out as something very different – a series of vignettes or portraits about the mother (the character who vanishes in the book). They were of the mother sun-tanning at a friend’s flat and ignoring her daughter, of her disappointment when a … Continue reading Split

Tattoo Heaven

“Best Books for Kids & Teens” – Canadian Children’s Book Centre 2008 Tattoo Heaven, my third book, began life as a short story – a rather long one. The story contained all the kernels of the larger novel, except for the friendship with Katie and the relationship with Alex, who inhabit the sub-plot of the … Continue reading Tattoo Heaven

Strange Beauty

“Best Books for Kids & Teens” – Canadian Children’s Book Centre 2008 Was there a real-life Queen of Sheba in my life? Well, actually, yes there was. And she was called that too, although I have no idea why. As in the book, this Queen of Sheba had long reddish hair and long thin fingers … Continue reading Strange Beauty

If You Live Like Me

One of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids & Teens of 2010 One of the International Reading Association’s Young Adult’s Choices of 2011 My fifth young adult novel is a very special one for me because it is set in one of my favourite places in the world: Newfoundland. In 1991 I … Continue reading If You Live Like Me

Yellow Mini

First off, I have to share how happy I am that my new publishers allowed me to keep my original title for this book. This is my sixth novel, and that has only happened to me twice before. I was braced for a change, but didn’t know what that change could possibly be. For the … Continue reading Yellow Mini

Picture Me

This book has gone through more incarnations than any other book I’ve ever written. The idea for it came after watching a few episodes of Dr. Phil – yes, a secret guilty pleasure that I must here confess. In one, he featured a number of teenaged girls who were so attracted to celebrity culture, they … Continue reading Picture Me

My Granny Loves Hockey

And so do I and I guess that’s the biggest reason why I wrote this book. Now, where the idea for a story comes from is always a bit of a mystery. There I was one day, sitting at my computer, when the image of an older woman sitting in a wheelchair, out on the ice, taking … Continue reading My Granny Loves Hockey

Lightning Lou

Young readers often ask, “Where did you get the idea for the story?” Most often, I find it very hard to come up with an answer. Well, not this time! I have finally written a book for which I can point to the exact concrete source of my inspiration. It wasn’t just a voice, whispering … Continue reading Lightning Lou